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Jörg Zinnegger

Joerg Zinnegger has more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of risk management and valuation. This includes the development of market risk, counterparty risk and valuation models for capital market products.

Before founding Z-FRM in 2012, Mr. Zinnegger held associate and management positions
at KPMG, Dresdner Bank, JP Morgan and Coopers & Lybrand. He graduated from the University of Ulm where he earned a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Dimitrij Eisenberg

Dimitrij Eisenberg is a corporate finance professional in the energy sector currently working as an external consultant for Uniper SE. Before joining Z-FRM he completed the international E.ON Graduate Program and worked in various internships in Corporate and Investment Banking.

He holds a Master of Science from Audenica Nantes Ecole de Management and a Bachelor of Arts from Wiesbaden Business School.

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